Tuesday, January 11, 2011

High there!

Day 15: Your lows and highs of this year.

I have not had many lows this year. Overall it has been a very productive, good year.  Though there is one moment that comes to mind as a low moment.
Last semester I took Intro to Mental Disabilities.  I have had the professor, Dr. Malone, before and I like her.  All her exams are essay format.  Usually you have to choose a few questions out of a pool and write everything you know.  The second test in the class she gave us the option of a take home test.  Of course everyone in the class including myself pushed for the take home (who wouldn't?).  Little did we know that test would be the worst test ever.  I consider myself a pretty laidback person and I don't tend to worry much. Most things are what they are. This test was the exception. It rulled all my thoughts that week and was almost all I talked about.  The week before, when the test was scheduled, I had gone to my brothers wedding and had to take the test later.  She gave me a week to complete it, and I took every minute of that.  I just wasn't able to form the answers as I wanted them and the questions were very difficult.  You can usually expect a take-home to be more difficult, but I had never taken a test quite so intense.  In the end, I did quite a bit better than I thought I would.  I am glad that class is behind me.

The highs have ruled this year.  God as showed up in my life like never before.  I have felt Gods presence in every aspect of my life especially with my thoughts.  God has really started cutting my thoughts off at the root.  Right when a sinful or unholy thought comes into my head, for sure the holy spirit is right there to correct me.  Almost as if He is saying "Are you sure you want to think that?"  As a result I feel my thought are comng more and more in line with what God wants.   It has been a beautiful thing!

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