Sunday, January 9, 2011


I missed a day boo, but in my defense I tried to write a blog.  My mom's computer was not cooperating.

Day 14: What do you think about mainstream music?

As I said a couple posts ago, I love music.   Though when it comes to mainstream, it depends on what genre you are speaking of.
When it comes to radio I mostly listen to the lite rock station such as Magic98.9 (I love the John Tesh show) or MY102.5.  They play the classics, songs that are so much fun to sing to. I don't really listen to mainstream radio. I feel like I listen to one good song and then I have to change it for the next 6 because they are all talking about the same thing.  To be honest sometimes I feel like a lot of mainstream music is as insult to my intelligence.  I do listen to country mainstream because I love the stories that come along with a country song. Thought even some country songs have to be tuned off. 
For that most part though, it is my iPod.  The simple reason is I can control it completely. I know exactly what I have on it and I love all of it.
So I guess an overall consensus on mainstream music is that I am not usually a fan.  However, I don't like generalize things too much.   I take it on a song by song basis.

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