Saturday, October 24, 2009

 Oh, Jo. Jo, you have so many extraordinary gifts; how can you expect to lead an ordinary life? You’re ready to go out and – and find a good use for your talent. Tho’ I don’t know what I shall do without my Jo. Go, and embrace your liberty. And see what wonderful things come of it.

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

down the Bethel Road...

I went to check my mail today and was excited to find a package from Mom in my box.  Only to find out that most of it was bills...haha.  It's all good anyway because it is bills that I actually want to pay such as my last car payment, yipee. So with the car gone and the last payment paid, I can finally forget about it.  Hallelujah!
There was one piece of mail however that I was very happy to get.  Among all the stacks of paper,  Mom had also mailed me the SMCC newsletter.  I have always enjoyed reading it but this time it seemed a little more special.  Having gone off to school so many things have changed.  I am surrounded with new and unfamiliar things with more adding almost everyday.  SMCC,  ever since my first year working, has become so dear to my heart both the camp and the people there, and every year that feeling increases. The newsletter seemed to bring in a certain piece of familiarity.
I found my self reading every single word on those pages, and hearing all the voices of the people that wrote them. For a moment I feel like I am back at camp with all the kids and the awesome staff.

I love my school and I am so exctited about where I am going, but it is still nice to see things from home.

Yea I really love that place.  It is so soaked in God that you can't help getting drenched.
Thanks Guys!

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

chronicles of .:NEW ORLEANS:.

Many songs have been written about the great city of New Orleans.  Her residents are so proud of their city.  I have always wanted to see what makes New Orleans so unforgettable for so many people.  So when a chance to go on a service trip for fall break to New Orleans came up, I knew that I had to go
We left at 8 pm on Friday on a tour bus.  I know it was going to be a long trip.  We watched a couple movies that helped the time go buy.  But after that it was pretty slow goings.  It was pretty hard to get comfortable and i woke up about every 30min to an hour.  Since we were traveling at night i did not get to see any of the surrounding landscape. I pretty much could tell where we were though, all the SE states have different feeling to it.  So while I wasn't sleeping I had memories of when i was a kid.  Making the Drive from Louisiana to SC in the "Ugly Pumkin" and the back again, being a kid.  Just nostalgia.
We arrived in New Orleans at about 4:30 (quite a bit earlier than expected) and we waited till about 7:30 (we weren't expected till 8) for someone to get to the church.  We stayed at St. Bernard Church of Christ, and their facilities were greatly appreciated. After about 30 to 45 min to change in to our work clothes and freshen up we got back on the bus and headed over to the St. Bernard Project.  SBD is the organization that we worked with there and they really have some great people. When we arrived we were briefed on what we would be doing and exactly what the SBP does.  They also essentially told us that they need us to be their advertisement. There are people that don't know that things in New Orleans are not fixed.  There are even those in the city itself that don't know. 100% of the homes in St. Bernard parish were deemed uninhabitable and the project was established to help those that cannot afford to rebuild and also especially those that can't rebuild there own house (i.e. Elderly, single parents, full-time workers, relocated families, ect.) It also combats another one of the top reasons that people have not been able to get there lives back together and that is storm related mental illness.  They offer counseling services free of charge to whomever may need them. It is an awesome organization. They take groups and individuals so if you are looking for a great opportunity to serve this is it. 
After the briefing we headed to our work site where we met Dan and Nicole who were the site supervisors from the Americorps.  We were also fortunate enough to be able to work along side the homeowner, whose name was Anthony, super great guy.  For our group our assignment was...Drywall...oh yea.  Most of us had never done that before so it took some getting used to.  We were broken up into 3 groups, I was in #3.  We worked on the Den and the kitchen, cutting, rasping, drilling, and hanging drywall.  Not too much to talk about as far as the work hours go, we worked, that about all you can say.  I really loved working with my team and all the other girls.  Kudos to team #1 with that 2nd bedroom ceiling.  It gave them a time but they never gave up. Worked from 8:30 till about 4 I think, minus a lunch break.
After the work day ended we headed back to the church and everyone took showers and freshened up for dinner.  We weren't really sure where to go for supper so we just started walking.  We ended up asking a guy having a birthday party where they thought a good place would be.  WE ended up at Franky and Johnny's, from a the looks of it a very popular mom and pop place.  I had a shrimp po-boy, which was excellent. After that we were ready to crash so we walked back to the church and just that.
The next morning was Sunday, which was our free day, so we headed into the city.  There was just a liveliness about the city such a rich heritage.  There is music on every corner and the street performer were a lot of fun.  Our first stop was the Cafe Du Monde. The cafe is the only thing I still remember about New Orleans from when i went there when I was 4.  The beignets still taste the same, oh so good. After that we got our beignets we went and sat by the river and enjoyed them then we headed over to the french market.  It is a market a lot like the market in Asheville except New Orleans style :)  it was neat to talk to the vendors and see their stuff. Especially the handmade stuff, i love handmade.  One vendor in particuar, his name was Rico Salas.  He and his brother make these Notebooks with handmande paper and Rico paints these beautiful designs on them.  We talked with with him for a while about him and his bother and Mexico, where he was from, which I thought was pretty ironic. He was really cool to talk to.  After the french market we just walked around for a little while. WE stopped at a show that some guys were putting on. They were break dancers and pretty hilarious.  By the end of that show it was time for us to meet up with the rest of the group to go to the tour of the Garden District.  I am not a huge fan of tours i love learning the information.  The Garden District is a beautiful neighborhood, one of the more affluent ones with house owners such as John Goodman and also a house that used in the filming of Benjamin Button.  I loved the architecture in New Orleans all the house even the ones in the poorer neighborhoods were beautiful.  It reminded me of being in Mexico will all the bright colors.  After the tour we headed back to the french quarter for supper.  We went to Bourbon street, wich was interesting because by that time everyone had been drinking since 10 am that morning.  There was a Saints game that morninf againsts that NY Giants and the Saints won.  So needless to say there was plenty of celebrating.  WE ate supper at a place called Cafe Beignets.  IT was a great little place that had a live jazz band, a guy called steamboat willie, it was perfect.  After supper Brittany and I decided that we had had enough of the night version of Bourbon st. to get off and we walked around some of the other shops and boutiques.  Wandered around the French Quarter till it was time to go back to the church.  I am so glad that Brittany was with me, we really enjoyed ourselves.
The next day, Monday, we had another workday at the same house.  We put up more drywall ans was able finish most of out project that we had started.  Then by the time we left it was starting to really look like a house on the inside.  We were all glad that the homeowner, Anthony, was able to come and see us on his lunch break at work, since he works during the week.  Again that work day was great, getting to work with my fellow connie's on such a work while project.  I love my school.  
After we finished work we headed back to the church, showered, and grabbed a snack and were out on the road headed home about an hour and half later.   I said my Goodbyes to New Orleans and I would like to think the answered back with that magnificent sunset.  I don't think I have ever seen one quite those colors, truly breathtaking.   The ride back seemed pretty long, we stopped for supper, then kept going.  I was in and out the whole way, just really restless from being so tired but not being able to sleep.  We finally made it back at around 5:30 and it was freeeeeezing cold.  It was so good to get into bed and sleep.

The trip was such a great trip.  I can see now why so many people love New Orleans so much. Why so may songs are written about her and why so many people are proud to call it home.  It is amazing after all they have been through the people of the city still have hope that they will get everything back together and many of them still have there hope in God.  There is something about that you can't deny and something that is very contagious.

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Friday, October 16, 2009

a little time...

Sitting in Gee just finishing my lunch.  I have 2 hours of work then i am going to go pack for the looooong weekend :-D  I am absolutely positively excited.  We are driving all night so i am just praying that I will get some sleep.  I will probably take some melatonin so it will be a little easier.

Ok time for work :) 

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Monday, October 12, 2009

Another Man's War

This is such a good book.


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Naive Orleans

I want to start this one byt thanking everyone for all the prayers that you have sent my way, cause I am just corny like that. I know they are felt everyday.  God is truly working here :) and it is so freakin' exciting.

We had our first Powder Puff Football practice tonight which was tons o' fun, but that football for ya.  We host Upstate on Nov. 14th.  I'll post specifics later if anyone wants to come.  Should be a good game.

In other news.....

I'll be going to New Orleans on Friday over fall break and I am so excited.  I am going with a group of girls here for a service trip.  So I will definitely be posting the details on that when we get back.  Wee leave on Friday night on a bus, on which I am assuming we are driving all night, and then be in New Orleans till Monday night or Tuesday morning.  I have been telling people that I have never been to NO, but that is a lie.  I was talking to David the other day and he reminded me that I had been there, when i was about 4, and I have no idea why I thought I hadn't because I do remember a part of it.  I don't really remember what the city looks like I just remember the Cafe Du Monde and being there with Papaw. 
Personally I am hoping that Harry Connick Jr. is there to greet us with a song...haha.  Actually I have no idea what awaits me in New Orleans.  I do know we will be in the French quarter. Maybe we will have a meeting or something before we leave.  But there is something to be said from the mystery of not knowing anything.  Going into the great unknown.

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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Just talkin'

I am a little bummed today.  Nothing serious just was wanting to go home this weekend and can't.  But to all those that I won't me seeing, FEAR NOT  I am making the most of this weekend and i am going to get all the things done that need to be done.  I am going to try and post stuff regularly so that I can keep you guys up on how things are it is a really great outlet.  We have been doing a lot of free writing in my English Comp. class and I really like it.  Basically you get out a sheet of paper and you just write and you are not allowed to stop.  If you can't think of anything to write, you write "I can't think of anything to write."  and you right down anything and everything that comes into your mind.  It is actually very therapeutic to me.  It is a great way to Journal.

Ok well I am going to get back to my essay!

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Friday, October 9, 2009

Thinks that she would be content to sit here at the circulation desk and do absolutely nothing for 2 hours :) haha

I Love Today. (and no that is not a sarcastic comment)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Just fall...

I can't believe that I have been here for two months. Sometimes I still feel like I have to pinch myself. God has blessed me so much with this school even through all the time i have taken things for granted in my life and threw his gifts around. He has STILL seen fit get me into a school where I can really flourish and become everything that He wants to be.

Things have gotten tough the past couple weeks. School work is picking up and midterms are here and i am really finding what my faith is made of. This week I had an epiphany. On thursday last week I felt so worried about all the school work that i had coming up. I started to feel inadequate and like I didn't have what it takes to be here to finish the job. I have worried all this week about a Midterm that I took today. There have been some aspects of the class that have been tough for me to deal with, and it was really just weighing me down. Then all of a sudden in the middle of the self-pity and worry, it hit me. One, the self-pity and worrying doesn't do any good. Two and, most importantly, God brought me here. He brought me here for a reason. He will not let me fail as long as I am doing my part and am trusting in Him. I was reminded of a line from one of my favorite movie, "Where the Red Fern Grows":

"I don't know grandpa, sometimes, I think God don't want me to have any [dogs]"
"That so? why?"
"Well, I've been askin' 'im fer dogs as long as I can remember, and nothings happened yet"
"Could be that you ain't doing your fair share."
"Well what do ya mean?"
"Well if God had a mind to he could get you dogs just as slick as cuttin' logs but, he'd be doing all the work. That wouldn't be good for your character"
"I don't want character, I want dogs"
"You want dogs bad enough billy you gonna get dogs but, if you want his help you gonna have to meet him halfway"
"Well that does that mean?"
"What does that mean?.....Well you think about it?"

Gosh i love that movie, make me want to watch it now.

Anyways....I have to do my fair share in getting what God wants for me. Part of that is having faith and not worrying and the drop of the hat. Another part is studying as much and as well as i can so that i have done everything i can and he will take care of the rest. Period. No if's and's or but's. If i am doing my part He WILL take care of it.

I love my God.

I love that he loves me so completely.

He takes and ordinary day and turns it into flowers of the months of May.

He is me obsession.

He is my escape.

There is nothing like Him.

The Sky has never been so blue.

This is home.