Wednesday, April 25, 2007


AND...13 days till my birthday :)

It's an open door, to live for something better....

OK, so a few posts ago I mentioned that I was considering starting tutoring with autistic kids.

Well I considered.

I went in last week in order to fill out an application at CNC access for a job. Then of course I waited. Then yesterday I got the call from Jolene saying that she had been authorized to hire me! YAY

So pending the results of a TB test, which I went and took this morning, I will be starting training soon. I can't wait. I have a client as of now but, I am not expecting the hours to be very much, so I am just praying that they will have another client that I can work with also. So that I don't have to remain part-time at Goody's and I can fully step away from there.

But at any rate just knowing I will be getting the one position is marvelous. I am so excited and I can't wait to get my paperwork done and start training.

On another subject I have been praying for a "new to me" vehicle and I almost have enough money to be able to fully pay for one and not have to make payments (or at least not very many) which is something I would really appreciate. Now it's just where am I getting the car from.

So many things are changing right now and it both scary and exciting. Mostly exciting.

End of school is coming and it is possible that I will be able to be finished at ICC after the fall semester. Which is sooner than I thought! That will put me starting at Limestone in the spring of 08 and that would rock!

So that is the update for those keeping up! thanks for any and all prayers.
OK homework is calling.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

"Livin' life is fun and we've just begun to get our share...."

I have to say that I love my family...

We had a great time this weekend together. We had this chicken wing eating contest. There is this really good wing place in Columbia and they have this one flavor that is so hot, no joke, that you have to sign a waiver, when you buy them. Oh man they were Hot.
Then of course there is the usual family banter and joking. All the memories and good times.
Lately every time I get together with my family we get closer. It's such a cool thing.

Monday, April 16, 2007


This is an update from our missionaries in Mexico.....

Dear All,

Good news from El Monte! You may remember our shock when three men showed up on the doorstep and claimed that our property belonged to their community. You may not know that they later informed us that we had twenty days to cough up $250,000 U.S. dollars or they would send in squatters. You may recall our relief when our Christian lawyer found iron-clad evidence in the national land registry that the property did not, and never had belonged to them. And now...the rest of the story!

The other day we made an appointment with goverment officials at the state level to help arbitrate the matter. Shortly after we got to the office, the official called downstairs to the main desk to see if the men had arrived. Yes, he was told, they'd signed in and asked if we were really there. The official then asked that they be sent up for the meeting. After a few moments the guard called upstairs to explain that the men couldn't be found. Our enemies had run away! Hooray!

Psalm 37:9 says, "Evil men will be cut off, but those who hope in the Lord will inherit the land." Amen. Thank you for your continued prayers!