Monday, October 30, 2006


I've lost 26 Lbs. That is fantastic and I am stoked. I can do better buti am getting there :)

My meds are really sipping. I have an appointment with the doc in 2 weeks so hopefully we can get that straight. It would really be cool if god healed me one day of the ADHD. But to be honest i have some reserve about that. There are good things about ADHD.

I've also been thinking alot about this whole gay marriage law amendment thing. I'm just not sure....I just don't know if I think it is right to tell people who they can marry. I am not saying by any means that homosexuality is right, I don't think it is right. I've been asking God about it...but it's still just tossing around in my head for now.Chemistry is questionable.......
I can't stop worrying about everything that is going on.

I just feel so pshyco sometimes...
So blah-ick-ugh.....

I walked around the Gardner-Webb campus today and this overwelming feeling of intimidation came over me. It seems so far away. I've screwed up so many times over the past 3 years and I can't quit reminding myself of it. I keep thinking of this neverending cycle. Like I'm a hampster on a wheel.

"The worst loneliness is not to be comfortable with yourself." -- Mark twain


Friday, October 27, 2006

here goes

Honestly don't really want to take this chemistry test...

but i'll get over it.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Saturday, October 21, 2006


Posted by [ swauthor ] July 12th 2006 - 2:34PM Posts to date: 1970
Author Unknown

Some years ago on a hot summer day in south Florida, a little boy decided to go for a swim in the old swimming hole behind his house. In a hurry to dive into the cool water, he ran out the back door, leaving behind shoes, socks, and shirt as he went. He flew into the water, not realizing that as he swam toward the middle of the lake, an alligator was swimming toward the shore.

His mother in the house was looking out the window saw the two as they got closer and closer together.

In utter fear, she ran toward the water, yelling to her son as loudly as she could.

Hearing her voice, the little boy became alarmed and made a U-turn to swim to his mother. It was too late. Just as he reached her, the alligator reached him.

From the dock, the mother grabbed her little boy by the arms just as the alligator snatched his legs. That began an incredible tug-of-war between the two. The alligator was much stronger than the mother, but the mother was much too passionate to let go.

A farmer driving by heard her screams, raced from his truck, took aim and shot the alligator.

Remarkably, after weeks and weeks in the hospital, the little boy survived. His legs were extremely scarred by the vicious attack of the animal, and, on his arms, were deep scratches where his mother's fingernails dug into his flesh in her effort to hang on to the son she loved.

The newspaper reporter who interviewed the boy after the trauma, asked if he would show him his scars. The boy lifted his pant legs.

And then, with obvious pride, he said to the reporter, "But look at my arms. I have great scars on my arms, too. I have them because my Mom wouldn't let go."

You and I can identify with that little boy. We have scars, too--not from an alligator or anything quite so dramatic, but the scars of a painful past.

Some of those scars are unsightly and have caused us deep regret. But, some wounds, my friend, are because God has refused to let go. In the midst of your struggle, He's been there holding on to you.

The Scripture teaches that God loves you. You are a child of God. He wants to protect you and provide for you in every way. But sometimes we foolishly wade into dangerous situations. The swimming hole of life is filled with peril and we forget that the enemy is waiting to attack. That's when the tug-of-war begins--and if you have the scars of His love on your arms, be very, very grateful. He did not and will not let you go.

Sandy Warner

Haiku O' Toothbrush

Makes my mouth so clean.

Fizzy spinning on my teeth.

Then my lips go pop.


Saturday, October 14, 2006


You Are 25 Years Old

Under 12: You are a kid at heart. You still have an optimistic life view - and you look at the world with awe.

13-19: You are a teenager at heart. You question authority and are still trying to find your place in this world.

20-29: You are a twentysomething at heart. You feel excited about what's to come... love, work, and new experiences.

30-39: You are a thirtysomething at heart. You've had a taste of success and true love, but you want more!

40+: You are a mature adult. You've been through most of the ups and downs of life already. Now you get to sit back and relax.

Friday, October 13, 2006


You know what?. . . . . . . . . . . .

No I won't say it.

**slap my hand please**

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

oh yea thats good...

Oranges are the best things ever.

take my word for it...I promise

Monday, October 9, 2006

When I look at them....

The stars are beautiful tonight.


"Obnoxious Olympics 2006" I have to say rocked my socks off....
Its so funny how people came up to me and said "why aren't you participating?""you should join in the fun" Well you know, I participated for 3 years I paid my dues, now I am a leader and I can feel there pain and see where there coming from.

Plus, I don't know maybe it is just me, but to see the kids reactions especially the ones who have never attended O.O. when they realize what we are asking them to do....

Its like a complete mix of facial expression: Horror, nausea, sadness, fright, excitement...... Priceless.

And yet you know they are still having fun through all the agony. I mean come on the kids are coming back year after year (and I don't thinks its the hot dog dinner.)

Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Who doze pants is?

Turkey For the girls,
Turkey for the boys,
my favorite kind of pants are corduroys.

Actuall my favorite kind are the new capris I just got. I am not one to blog about clothes but I just couldn't keep it inside.
They the best crops ever.