Monday, October 9, 2006


"Obnoxious Olympics 2006" I have to say rocked my socks off....
Its so funny how people came up to me and said "why aren't you participating?""you should join in the fun" Well you know, I participated for 3 years I paid my dues, now I am a leader and I can feel there pain and see where there coming from.

Plus, I don't know maybe it is just me, but to see the kids reactions especially the ones who have never attended O.O. when they realize what we are asking them to do....

Its like a complete mix of facial expression: Horror, nausea, sadness, fright, excitement...... Priceless.

And yet you know they are still having fun through all the agony. I mean come on the kids are coming back year after year (and I don't thinks its the hot dog dinner.)

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