Wednesday, October 21, 2009

down the Bethel Road...

I went to check my mail today and was excited to find a package from Mom in my box.  Only to find out that most of it was bills...haha.  It's all good anyway because it is bills that I actually want to pay such as my last car payment, yipee. So with the car gone and the last payment paid, I can finally forget about it.  Hallelujah!
There was one piece of mail however that I was very happy to get.  Among all the stacks of paper,  Mom had also mailed me the SMCC newsletter.  I have always enjoyed reading it but this time it seemed a little more special.  Having gone off to school so many things have changed.  I am surrounded with new and unfamiliar things with more adding almost everyday.  SMCC,  ever since my first year working, has become so dear to my heart both the camp and the people there, and every year that feeling increases. The newsletter seemed to bring in a certain piece of familiarity.
I found my self reading every single word on those pages, and hearing all the voices of the people that wrote them. For a moment I feel like I am back at camp with all the kids and the awesome staff.

I love my school and I am so exctited about where I am going, but it is still nice to see things from home.

Yea I really love that place.  It is so soaked in God that you can't help getting drenched.
Thanks Guys!

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