Monday, October 12, 2009

Naive Orleans

I want to start this one byt thanking everyone for all the prayers that you have sent my way, cause I am just corny like that. I know they are felt everyday.  God is truly working here :) and it is so freakin' exciting.

We had our first Powder Puff Football practice tonight which was tons o' fun, but that football for ya.  We host Upstate on Nov. 14th.  I'll post specifics later if anyone wants to come.  Should be a good game.

In other news.....

I'll be going to New Orleans on Friday over fall break and I am so excited.  I am going with a group of girls here for a service trip.  So I will definitely be posting the details on that when we get back.  Wee leave on Friday night on a bus, on which I am assuming we are driving all night, and then be in New Orleans till Monday night or Tuesday morning.  I have been telling people that I have never been to NO, but that is a lie.  I was talking to David the other day and he reminded me that I had been there, when i was about 4, and I have no idea why I thought I hadn't because I do remember a part of it.  I don't really remember what the city looks like I just remember the Cafe Du Monde and being there with Papaw. 
Personally I am hoping that Harry Connick Jr. is there to greet us with a song...haha.  Actually I have no idea what awaits me in New Orleans.  I do know we will be in the French quarter. Maybe we will have a meeting or something before we leave.  But there is something to be said from the mystery of not knowing anything.  Going into the great unknown.

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