Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Are you attractive?

Day 23: What kind of person attracts you?

I think that we all have qualities that we are naturally drawn to in our friends and to the new people that we meet. 
The thing about these qualities are that they can be different in each person.  Plus even if a person has the same quality they it can manifest itself in different ways.  Qualities are judged from person to person.  Ultimately it is about the heart. 

Some of the qualities that I find myself naturally drawn to.....

to people that love life
people that go with the flow
people that I can laugh with because I do it so much
to people that love to dance
to people that love God
to sarcastic people
the underdog
people that don't mind a little bit of weird in their life
open-minded people
level-headed people

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chocoholic said...

I can be sarcastic...and weird...

I'm glad we're friends. And I can't wait for our reunion!!

K-10 said...