Thursday, November 4, 2010

Start a Love Train....

    Earlier this year I joined an organization called Kiva. They has developed a system where individuals, companies, and small groups, can get together and pool money in order to provide loans for people on poor areas and developing countries. These loans go to all kinds of people such as small business owners, educators, and farmers.  They loans are paid back and you can use that money again to go to another loan. It just keeps on going.
    For the first time last month I made my first loan.   I, and 3 other people, supplied a $125 loan to a woman named Melissa. Melissa is has a small business selling bannas to the community. She is married with 2 kids and is 22 years old, two years younger than me. She wanted the money so that she could expand her business and buy more bananas. After I gave my portion of the loan there was still $50 dollars left that needed to be raised.
    It was very interesting because I started to feel really invested in whether or not the rest of the money was raised.  I started shecing the site everyday, sometimes twice, so see how far along the loan was.  When all the money was finally raised I was no excited because I knew that Mellissa was going to get the money that she needed.
    After a loan is made there is a progress bar that shows the percentage of the loan that has been paid back.  This has only fueled my desire to see her succeed. Just like when I was waiting for the loan to be fulfilled, I check the Kiva website to see how far she has come in the repayment.  Every time I think about her I pray for her.  I pray that her business thrives, that she can make a better life for her self, and most importantly that God would make himself evident in her life. I have even printed a picture of her that is hanging in my room so that I will pray for her more often.
    It is so amazing the power of giving.  How giving such a small amount can make such a difference in the lives of others and yourself.   It is so cool that complete stranger can get together for a common goal and help out so many people.  Some of the these loans completely change the lives of the people that recieve them.  It has been such a neat experience and I can't wait to loan again.

Mellissa Alumios

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K-10 said...

Mellissa has paid back 20% of her loan!