Wednesday, March 21, 2007

What's my direction?

Well, much has happened over the last couple weeks. I am heavily considering starting work in ABA therapy. In fact here in about an hour I will be on my way with Nicki to go to her clients house so that I can get my feet wet and really get a feel for what I could be doing.

ABA therapy has always been something that has scared me a bunch and therefore I have stayed as far away from it as possible. Though over the passed couple weeks since I was seriously approached about it I really have taken it into consideration. I have really thought about what the job involves and I actually worked through my fear with God instead of just shrugging it off.

I had gotten way behind on my biology. Instead of taking the losers way out i faced it and got the job done! that was a first for me.

I am now "doubting my doubts and believing my beliefs"
I am facing things in my self that I have always turned ways from and said "oh
I will deal with that later. and when I say later I mean never"

I am truly excited about where I am going and what God is showing me. He truly is amazing.

"This is the bomb that I've been waiting for living for. You finally lit the fuse that's in my head"

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