Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Rules of war

• God always speaks to your potential, not your actual.

• Whatever you know or have experienced at church, you are not prepared for what He is about to do.

• It's a brand new pioneer trail.

• Don't take the new thing and put it in your old way.

• Your frustrations are meant to drive you to God. You can only grow through frustration.

• Tension doesn't mean there is something wrong, it means there is something happening.

• He isn't going to show you everything at once, but as you go.

• It is not my anointing to take the nation, it is my anointing to train the next generation to take the nation.

• On every new level you must meet a new devil. The purpose of the devil obstacle is to give you strength and power.

• You can't go to the next level until you defeat the devil at that level. As he submits to you, you use him as your footstool to get to the next level.

• You can not take ground from the enemy if he has ground in you.

• Deliverance = one battle to get free and one battle to stay free.

• Warfare = one battle to take ground and one battle to keep ground.

• Don't be in too much of a hurry until you can keep what you've got.

• Don't let the enemy push you into a battle you are not ready for. Keep your focus on Jesus, and natural obstacles will arise because of that.

• Rest is a weapon against the enemy. He cannot penetrate your peace.

• If God isn't saying anything, go back over what He HAS said.

• If God doesn't own the creating, making and birthing of something, then He will not own the fruit of it.

• The days of grace are still here, but the days of leniency are not.

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