Friday, February 25, 2011

Till only LOVE remains...

My favorite thing about our amazing God is His amazing LOVE.
He loves us more than anything.

Though he not only loves us more....He loves us without conditions. God never says "I love you because..."
He just ....Loves.
It was pointed out to me a few years back, by a certain camp program director, that humans always have qualify their love. "I love her because she is my mom...because he is kind...because she is talented...because he is cool...because she gracious...because he loves me...because......." There is always a cause for our love.
God, He has no cause for his love He just does it. 
There is no reason, other than God's love for us, that Christ died on the cross.  God no longer wanted to be separated from His children because He loves us so much.
I have received this love time and time again. Sometimes I was aware of it, sometimes I wasn't.
God has given it to me freely.
No strings attached. No expectations.

Then one day while listening to the radio I heard this song.

After listening to this song I found myself broken.  I was broken because after all the love that God has shown me.  After his endless pouring out.  I have withheld love from the people around me.  I have withheld love for many reasons.  Because I was scared, proud, indifferent.  Because they were annoying, prejudice, sinful. Because I had the right to use the love, given to me so graciously, as I saw fit.
Why should I have that right?  Why have I made it my responsibility to choose who is and is not worth my love?  If He loves us the way that is expressed in this song, who am I to do any differently?
I don't have that right, it is not my responsibility, and I should learn to love just as He does. 
If I have given my life completely and totally to Him and I believe in the sacrifice that He made, then I must give up that right.
Then, once again I am shown love.  I am shown love in His forgiveness of my imperfections and His love in the willingness to help me to change.
Thank you Father for your faithful unchanging unconditional LOVE.

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