Saturday, December 4, 2010

Cause I can...

1.) Enter the letter you see into your Facebook search bar and answer the questions for the first name that appears.

2.) You must answer truthfully.
3.) If the person comes up twice, just go to the next name down on the list.
4.) Tag each person you mention.

A. Andrew Gunter
1.) Do you love this person? Yea we have lots o' fun :)
2.) Is this person your enemy?  Nope
3.) Ever done something illegal with this person? - Not that I know of but there is always a possibility...

B. Rachel Beasley
1.) What do you really think of this person? I think that she is the perfect roomate.  She is kind and beautiful.  I can't belive I was lucky enough to get her as a roomie!  And i love what she writes.
2.) What's their favorite team?
3.) Ever danced with them? –oh yea

C. Chris Allen
1.) How long have you known him/her? We met once on game night...he know what Jem was :)
2.) How old are they? 22?

D. Delee Hall
1.) Do You love him/her?- Absolutely with all me heart.
2.) Biggest regret? Not knowing each other sooner and living so far away
3.) Do you hate this person? – Not even a little
E. Earl Morris
1.) Have you met their parents? No not yet
2.) Worst thing about this person? He can do really coo things with cards and I can't figure them out.
3.) Best thing about this person? - Totally funny

F. Fern Veil
1.) ¿En el pasado, fue tu novio/a?- Becky totally got the spanish question haha
2. ¿Cuando se veres el tiempo proximo ? – I hope to see her in January :)
3.) ¿Vas a escuela con él/ella? – No that would have been awesome though

G. Luisa Gonzales
1.) Is this person a good listener? – from what i can see
2.) Have you ever lied to this person? – …not that I remember.
3.) Is this person nice? – Very.

H. Julia Hoo Morgan
1.) What grade are they in? – None?
2.) Is he/she your best friend? – I like her a whole lot!

I. I'm with Coco
1.) ¿Como conoces a él/ella?  Tv
2) ¿Tiene hermanos?-No idea
3.) ¿Es tu amigo/a todavia? – Ok i don't know what this one says

J. Mary Jane Downs
1.) Do you know their favorite song?- I feel good by James Browm
2.)Do you have classes with this person?- no
3.) Any memories with this person? – My whole life is one big memory of this person :) 

K. Katie McClain
1.) How old were you when you first met? –23
2.) Ever danced with this person?- Abso freakin lutely
3.) Ever kissed this person?- No

L. Ashton Lesiak
1.) What would you do if you had never met this person?- Converse would not be quite as fun
2.) How old is this person?- 21 or 22?
3.) Would you go to Disney World with this person?-Yea\

M. David Milam
1.) Is this person older than you?- No
2.) Is this person single?- I think so
3.) Have you ever got caught doing something bad with this person? OH so much laughing at the training table.....SAMSONITE MAN!  I was way off!

N. Nicki Hollar
1.) Is this person your boyfriend/girlfriend?- yea no homo
2.) Have you seen this person cry?- Yea quite a bit
3.) Do you love this person?- Best Frand!

O. Steven Segall Lawman
1.) Do they have braces? Absolutely not
2.) When was the last time you saw him/her? Too long. It has been 3 weeks, come on A&E

P. Siobhan Price
1.) Have you every been to the mall with this person? Nope
2.) Are you fairly close to this person? We were good friends in HS
3.) Does this person have a job? I don't thinkso, she does have a beautiful new baby.

Q. Dennis Quaid
1.) Where did you meet? in my dreams
2.) Go to the same school? no
3.) Favorite Song?

R. Leslie Rafferty Downs
1.) Have you heard this person sing? – Yes!  I have her CD!
2.) Do you think this person will repost this? Maybe
3.) What's the one thing you would change about this person? That she and my brother were closer...

S. Shelly Yon
1.) Is this person taller than you?- Yea
2.) Do you enjoy spending time with him/her?- EVERY minute of EVERY day
3.) Does she live close to you?- hmmmm is 12 feet close?

T. Chelsea Totten
1.) When was the last time you saw him/her?- Last night at Lessons and Carols
2.) Have you been to his/her house?- Nope
3.) Where did you first meet?- Converse 1st Morris

U. Unsolved mysteries
What happened to the 'U' questions?

V. Victoria Logan
1.) Do you see this person a lot?- No only when i get to visit home
2.) How do you know him/her?- We go to Church together.  She and her husband are a huge blessing!

W. Wendy Khouri
1.) Is this person quiet or loud?- depends
2.) Is she/he nice?- Very!
3.) When will you see them next?- Dinner?

X. Cree Xiong-Davis
1.) ¿Veyas este persona mucho?  Don't know that this one is
2.) ¿Como sabes él/ella?  She goes to FV

Y. Taking Ground Youth Group
1.) How did you meet this person?- Many a year ago one wednesday night
2.) Do you see this person often?- Not as much as I would like...

Z. Zack Hollar
1.) Is this person trustworthy?- One of the people I trust the most
2.) What do you love most about this person?- I love his godliness....his desire to know more and more!  Plus the whole backup plan, ha

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