Thursday, May 27, 2010


     Since I have been home I have pretty much gone picture crazy.  
     I have had this frame collage (one of those frames that is like 6 4x6's put together) for like 3 or 4 years and have never filled it up.  I finally did last week and it looks great.  It was hard to find the right pictures and at first I was putting pictures of friends and family until I decided that I just have to many pictures of both, that I love.  So I bought another frame collage for the family pictures.  After I filled them both up I still had PICTURE FEVA!  So I went through this drawer of old pictures that we have.  It has pictures from when we lives in Greenville and the first years that we lived in NC.  
     We also have some old pictures of my Dad's side of the family from the 30's and 40's.  Those are my favorite pictures to look at. One because I have always been fasciated with the early 20th century but more than that.  I think I am more drawn to those pictures because I never really got to know my dad's side of the family except for his parents, my Mamaw and Papaw.  Though, they were both gone by the time I was 9.  I kind of feel like they are, as cliche as it sound, a link to my past.  I look at those pictures and see the faces of people that I come from and share traits with.  Looking at those pictures gives some idea of what they were like and some of the things that they did in their lives.  Since I can't see my family yet, these pictures are the next best thing and I really do enjoy them.

     It is always fun to go through old pictures.  Seeing old faces and and watching how far you have come. It always bring up good memories, bad memories, and some memories you just assume forget. Pictures and Music has always been what God has used the most to get my attention.  Especially back when I had a camera and I was taking pictures all the time.  He we would always be showing me things through the pictures that I took.  I have been fighting the urge lately to go out and buy a camera.  I miss taking picture so badly!  Though I know I will get one when the time is right. God is helping me to be patient.

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