Thursday, February 11, 2010

hodgey podgey

I can't believe that my first year at Converse in already more that half over! It is so mind boggling.

Got to hangout with Mom couple weekend and celebrated her birthday, it was really a great day. We went to Greenville to do some shopping and we stopped at Barnes & Nobles. While we were there I was waiting on Mom while she looked at the quilting magazines and i happened to look over in the B&N Cafe. There was a man and a woman there, that i assumed was a husband and wife. The woman was a teacher (I could tell because she had a grade book) and she was grading papers and her husband was helping her. They just sat there so content looking enjoying each others company. It was just such a sweet scene.

I have decided that instead of walking to Trinity on Sunday mornings. I am going to stay at the dorm and have a little service of my own. Trinity is a great church and I loved going there, but I just don't have the time or the means to be able to get to know the people in the church like I want to. That being said I think I will get more by just staying home. I did it for the first time this past Sunday and it wen really well. I did everything like I would normally do. P&W and then some prayer. Then I listened to one of Pastor Terry's sermons. It actually works out better then actually sitting in church because you can pause and replay and really get into the study. I know that i need to spend more on on one time with God especially on a daily basis. I am finding more and more how much I need Him. I need Him desperately. I have have slipped up more than I'd like to lately, yet I know that he is still standing there beckoning me to be with Him.

I know that I told everyone before I left that I might have the opportunity to go a study abroad while at Converse. Well.....There is a study abroad in the UK at beautiful Reading for 6 months. I would go next Jan. and come back in early June. I am really really wanting to go but there are a lot of factors that I have to get figured out. Chelsea, one of my hall mates, are going to try ans do it together. I am just praying that if I am meant to go that all will line up. I meant 6 months in Reading would be amazing.

I am in Reading/Language Arts this semester and I got my assignment for clinical 1 today :) I will be at Pine St. Elementary which in a couple miles down the road. I will be working with 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade. I am super excited to have the chance to teach a kid how to read and write. Yet at the same time it is so very intimidating. Though i have a great professor that will be glad to help me in any way she can.

Overall thing are going to very well here. I am excited about things to come. Thank you for all you prayers! I love and miss you all so much.

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