Wednesday, November 4, 2009

So I know have all my major things for the week out of the way.  I feel good about both the test that I took.  The Psych test went better than the last time even though there were some things that my mind completely blanked out on, wich is frustrating, but there were more this time that I was sure of what the answer is.  Human growth isn't so much a hard class it just has loads of information that you have to memorize.  Also the spanish test this morning I think went really well.  I am starting to think more "spanish-like" and that allows you to use common sense when constructing setences and such.  My biggest problem is memorizing vocab, which basically boils downto practice practice practice!

One conundrum I have found myself in is that anytime I am reading in or studying one subject, my brain wanders to another.  For example earlier I was doing my reading for English Comp I was simultaneously thinking about Spanish and the forms/meanings of ser, estár, and tener.  It's like my brian is multi-tasking because I am soaking in info from both subjects at the same time.  It's not really a problem that I can see yet, just very interesting.

Anywho, I guess I better get back to reading.  Dios bendice!

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