Friday, August 8, 2008

For the love of Dogs....

So, Satan stooped really low last night. He took a big weakness and shoved it in my face and i fell for it.
Last night was my first night back to youth and It was great being back with the "kids" and seeing how much the ministry has spiritually grown over the summer. Then these 2 stray dogs showed up outside and of course I felt like I had to come to their rescue. I gave them the treats that I always keep in my trunk and did a little vet work. I even started calling the Human society and the Animal Protection Alliance to try and get them a place to stay.
Then all of a sudden I realized something Satan had succeeded in completely taking my attention off where it should have been, with the youth, and put it on something completely irrelevant. It was hard to leave them outside but I felt that God was telling to put the dogs in his hands because my ministry is with the kids and they are more important.

I don't really know why i shared this i just felt like it was a great moment where i was able to recognize an "attack" while is was happening and I did something about it, instead of just giving into it.

So here to encouragement! If you see an attack in your life do something about it don't just goo along with it. God will bless you for it!

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