Saturday, April 5, 2008

" my Chevette, Yea."

Well I took my car in today to get the belts changed and ended up having to get my radiator flushed too. They also gave me a list of things that the car needs before too long. It going to end up costing quite a bit. Though honestly I am glad I am putting this money into the car instead of the truck. Like I always say, I loved that truck, but it was just too far gone for my budget. At least with the Camry I do see an end to all the repairs. I know that I know that I know that God gave me this car for a reason and it will not all be is vain. He knows where I am at and He knows what my needs are and he WILL provide. Just for those that are praying, I would like to get it all taken care of before this summer and then i won't have to worry about it at camp.

Oh and camp. ooh camp....I am actually...very excited about it. I have to admit that when Steve offered me the position I was hesitant I was asking for advice and hoping to get the answer I was looking for but that answer never came. Everybody said to take it. I kept "wondering" if i should take the job when the answer "Yes" kept ringing in my head. Though after I finally excepted I really thought about it, and this job is an answer to many of my prayers that I have been seeking God for. Every aspect of this job, aside from playing with kids, is out of my comfort zone. I am still scared about what this summer will bring but I am at peace with the fact I am going out there. I know that it is the right decision. So be prepared for I wont be the same when it is over. That to me is exciting.

"We're never going back to ok,
We're never going back to easy."
--The Afters

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