Thursday, September 6, 2007

The only way to Play...

You know the only thing more fun than playing capture the flag in a skirt?......
Playing Ultimate Frisbee in a skirt.

So I just, for some reason, on a spurt of the moment whim, went to Wal-mart, spent $21, and bought a bookshelf for my room that I most definitely do not have the money for.

Do you ever just get that feeling that you just need a change? Lighten things up a bit? Well this is what led to my spontaneous purchase. I was just ready to get my old desk out of my room. It just so dark and it's huge and bulky and I was just getting tired of it especially since I don't even use it as a desk. The only part I use is the shelves for my books, which is the reason I have not already put the desk away, since I would have nowhere to put my library. Then I had an epiphany! Get a Bookshelf to put the books just like me I could not wait till the morning to go to Wal-mart to see what they had.

This will give me more space and give the illusion of a slightly bigger room, as well as make everything look more sunny. Plus as an added bonus now I have an excuse to get my computer out of my room since I don't like it in there anyways. I think that the shelves will look quite nice in my room.

See this is why I need a job because I have WAY to much time on my

Well, I think I will retire now to my boudoir, for some much needed beauty rest.

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