Wednesday, June 13, 2007

My Summer

Well I never go around to writing that update blog.

For those that don't know I will be working out at South Mountain Christian Camp this summer. I leave for a 1 1/2 weeks of staff training tomorrow and then the first day of camp is on the 24th. I will be a Cabin director, which "basically" means i will be completely in charge of a cabin of hyperactive girls! I really am excited though I am nervous too. It will definitely be a new experience for me. It will be the first time I will have been in charge of kids for a day much less a week at a time. Many of the kids that come to this camp are from broken, poor, or abusive homes. It makes for some interesting spiritual warfare.
The theme for camp this year is "Agape Road Trip." Agape is the Greek word used to describe an unconditional type of love, the love that God has for us. The premise for the curriculum is how people will tell someone they love their dog and then turn around and say that they love God. Though, these are completely different types of love (or should be), we treat them as the same. The kind of love that God has for us takes a lifetime to discover and understand. It is a journey, hence, "Agape Road Trip".
It is really exciting to think that these kids will have the opportunity to learn about this as such an early age. God really has something up his sleeve this summer, and it is going to be soooooo good!

Just a few things I would like to ask for prayer on:
-All the Cabin Directors, that we can keep our priorities straight and really bless the socks of these kids.
- The kids of course that they will be receptive to the teaching so that their lives may be changed forever.
- For the safety of everyone and just for a lot of fun.
- We get a new group of kids every week so a lot of times by the time we really get to know them they are leaving. So just that we can form quick bonds and that the kids can feel comfortable with us so that they can get as much out of it as possible.

Those are just the essentials...

So I am going to be gone all summer pretty much. We get off on Fridays at 7ish, but with the drive home that doesn't leave much, then we are back at the camp on Sunday by 2pm. So I will be on the Internet some on the weekends and will bring updates as to how the summer is going(I'm sure I will have many stories). I appreciate all prayers, comments, and words that you may have!

So audios amigos!
Love you,

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zack said...

we going to rock the camps socks off kristen.