Friday, May 4, 2007

How many jobs do you have? (If more than one, answer following questions for most demanding job.)1
Where do you work?Goody's
What is your job title?Sales Associate
What is your job description?Credit cards, Sell clothes, Credit cards,
What is the dress code?Dress casual (no jeans)
How long have you been there?2
Do you plan on staying for the next six months or more?yes and no
Can you be promoted?Yes
How much do you get paid?
How often do you get paid?every other week
How many hours a week do you get?15-25
Do you get time and a half for holidays?Only if we are open actually on a holiday like 4th July
Have you gotten a raise?Yes
Do you expect a raise?Yes
Do you work overtime as much as you can?Ha
Are there any certificates displayed with your name on them?Nope
Are you respected by your coworkers?Mostly
Would they rather work with you than others?I've heard it said
Do your suggestions and comments carry weight with your supervisor?Depends on the subject matter
How do new employees react to you?they cope...haha
Do you tell others what they should, can, or cannot do?I sugest...I am not the boss and I don't plan on acting like one.
Do you remember to punch in and out for breaks?Most of the time
Do you take longer breaks than you should?Some times
Do you forget to take breaks on busy days?It has happened
What do you do on your breaks?depends on how long i get but usually I eat a meal or work on homework
Do you talk on the phone or computer while on the clock?No
Do things get done ahead of schedule when you're there?Somtimes
Are you bothered when other people don't work as much or as well as you know they can?If you only knew....
The Whole Point:
Do you love your job?Love may be a little strong but there are many other worse places to work and it can be fun.
If you quit, what would be your reason?Getting another Job
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