Tuesday, February 1, 2005

The Amazing Title

For the first time since I started my blogs I actually have money in my bank account! All my bills are paid, my truck is fixed(and running great I might add), and have everthing I need for this semester at school! *~* SIGH*~* IT's a WONDERFUL feeling! Thank you God!
You ever get one of those feelings ok something that you are reluctant and scared to do but at the same time there is nothing in the world you would like more then that very thing you are scared of. I'm feeling that lately, being 18 and graduating HS gives you alot of the normal pressures of finally becoming an adult and making your own life. Living with my mom has been a big help right out of hs and going to college. She has been there for me, for everything. Yet at the same time i am dieing to get out on my own get my own place. I want to be able to rely on myself answer to myself and just be on my own. I know i know i'm wishing my life away, but the urge is still there.

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