Friday, November 12, 2004

the best title ever

The word of the day is:
1 a : the sun's light or direct rays b : the warmth and light given by the sun's rays c : a spot or surface on which the sun's light shines
2 : something (as a person, condition, or influence) that radiates warmth, cheer, or happiness

I Love that word...jsut saying can put me in a better mood...SUNSHINE!! Though here is north america it has turned winter which mean that the sun has gone and the clody skied and rain have come. Why can't we jsut skip winter and go straight to spring? I mean it would only mean shortening the year a couple hundred days i mean who needs the extra time anyways? CHRISTMAS IN JULY that is what i vote for.

Well besided the fact that i am boycotting Winter, i still have tons of homework, need money TERRIBLY, and feel like i am on a roler coaster that will never stop. Yet i still have time to write this long letter to whoever in reading it...I am SUPERWOMAN!! That riminds me of a verse what was that again? oh yea Philipians 4:13 "I can fo al things through christ who strengthen me," that is a great verse though sometimes i remeber it, but then God smacks me on the butt like all daddy's do to get me going again :)
OK well here i go again, ride it till it's through people!

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